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20 Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

20 Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Kids to make your shopping easier! Gluten free, allergy friendly and non-food ideas to make your child’s Easter extra special.


I have the happiest childhood memories from Easter. I remember the excitement of waking up to an Easter egg hunt in our rooms that the Easter Bunny had quietly put together for us while we were sleeping and how the hiding places seemed to get trickier every year! I loved how we spent the whole day together as a family making memories, being grateful and having fun. We would go to church all dressed up, eat delicious brunch and dinner at home, hunt for Easter eggs and oh the arts and crafts projects we did! My mom really took the Easter egg decorating to a whole new level and we had such a blast.

Now that I’m a mom, I want to bring that excitement into my kids Easter celebrations. With Easter being a couple of weeks away, I’ve been scouring the Internet for ideas for Easter Basket stuffers and also for tiny items that will fit in our plastic Easter eggs for the egg hunts. So much of the traditional stuffers tend to revolve around food, so I wanted to get a head start to make sure I could find gluten free and dairy free items in time. During my search I found awesome treats and also a ton of non-food based treats that I want to share with you all. I’m including the links below with pictures to make it easier for you to find them if you see any must haves.

20 Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Kids (Gluten Free & Non-Food List)

1. Benny the Chocolate Easter Bunny from No Whey – Who doesn’t love putting a chocolate Easter bunny in their kids Easter basket? I was so thrilled when I found this because I didn’t know there was a chocolate Easter bunny out there that was both gluten free and dairy free. These bunnies are adorable, all natural, kosher and free of the top 8 most common allergens.

2. Jelly Beans from Surf Sweets – Jelly beans make perfect Easter egg stuffers. Not only do these jelly beans taste terrific, but they’re non-GMO, derived from fruit and contain 100% of the daily recommended Vitamin C intake. Yes, you read that correctly!

3. Easter Egg Lollipops from No Whey – These gluten free and top 8 allergen free chocolate lollipops are egg-shaped and have a cute white bunny on them. They make a very festive treat and are individually wrapped so they’ll fit nicely in an Easter basket or as an after-brunch treat!

4. Bunny Snacks from Annie’s – We eat these year round in our house, but since they come in cute bunny shapes they’re perfect for Easter. I like to put the individual packs inside Easter eggs during egg hunts. They are a sweet treat, but have organic ingredients and less sugar than most of the candy out there.

5. YumEarth Strawberry Licorice – These gluten free and non-GMO licorice candies taste amazing. They’re the perfect size to add to Easter eggs and they’re soft making them easy for kids to chew.

Non-Food Items for Easter Baskets & Easter Eggs

6. Tortoise Hatch ‘Ems Egg by GeoCentral – These are so much fun! Your kids can watch their own eggs hatch over a period of 48 hours. Just place them in water and they can watch them gradually crack until they’re fully hatched. If you have more than one child you’re shopping for or if you just want to get a bundle, they offer a 4-pack too which includes a chicken, penguin, snake and a tortoise.

7. Easter Egg Stampers 6-pack – These adorable Easter egg stamps bring twice the fun because they can double as the Easter eggs in an egg hunt and they’re fun stamps. Stamps include a bunny, duck, eggs, lamb and chick.

8. Melissa & Doug Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal – What’s an Easter basket without a plush bunny? I love including them in my kids baskets and these are super soft. If you’re looking for something smaller, this cute rainbow bunny from Ty Bunny will do the trick.

9. Puzzle Eggs from Hmxpls 6 Pack – These are so neat! It’s actually a toy that has three uses on Easter. First, they can be used as eggs during an Easter Egg hunt, then they can be decorated with markers, and lastly the puzzles inside make a fun matching game for toddlers.

10. Easter Bubbles 3 pack – This 3-pack of bubbles makes a great Easter basket stuffer that will provide hours of entertainment. I don’t know what it is about bubbles that’s so captivating to the little ones, but my kids look at them like they’re magical and it’s such a joy to watch.

11. Little Handwritten Notes – This is a favorite for me as a kid and now as a mom. My mom would write messages on a small piece of paper, fold them up and hide them inside the Easter eggs. Sure, kids like toys and presents, but these were always my favorite. Some ideas to consider are movie night, ice cream or lunch date with mom or dad one-on-one without siblings, or going ice skating or bowling. The possibilities are endless here. Kids so enjoy spending quality time with their family, and often times we all get busy with work or other obligations. So think of something they’d love to do with you and make it happen.

12. Petal Flower Hair Clips by HipGirl- These adorable flower barrettes will fit individually inside Easter eggs or as a set in an Easter Basket. They come as a set of 15, so you can spread them out between kids or save some for other special occasions. You can clip them throughout the Easter basket on the ribbons, on a plush bunny, or on the grass filler to make it look like it’s covered in flowers.

13. Paw Patrol Mini Figurines set of 6 – Paw Patrol is hot right now with the kids. These action figures come in a small enough sizes that they can fit perfectly inside Easter eggs.

14. Happy Hopper Chicken & Bunny Wind Up Toys by STS – These are such a cute addition to an Easter basket. The set includes one chicken and one bunny and I can totally see the giggles they’ll provide to toddlers. I bet crawling babies would get a kick out of these too and follow them around.

15. Deluxe Easter Egg Dye Kit by Eco-Kids – I like including an egg decorating kit in my kids Easter basket. I’m not a fan of artificial dyes so I was totally wowed by this kit from Eco-kids. It comes with twelve Easter egg dyes, a grass growing kit and soil on which to display the finished eggs. All of the dyes are gluten free and derived from organic ingredients. If you’re looking for a way to take your egg decorating to a whole new level, this is for you.

16. Egg-stra Special Pastel Easter Egg and Bunny Bracelet – These Easter-themed pearl charm bracelets are super cute for little girls and they fit nicely in Easter baskets and eggs. Plus, they’re less than $4!

17. Easter Eggs with Toy Cars Inside by Kangaroo 12-pack – These are a major time saver since the plastic eggs are already packed with fun multi-colored cars inside them. It’s like an Easter egg hunt in a box because all you have to do is open the box and hide them.

18. Easter Themed Sticker Rolls – These bunny, lamb and chick stickers will fit perfectly in an Easter basket. The designs are too cute and they come in a roll of 100 for under $5.

19. Easter Bunny & Chick Notepads 12-pack – These festive notepads make a great addition to any Easter basket. Pair them with a small 4-pack of crayons and it’s instant entertainment.

20. Easter Eggs Filled With Building Brick Block Toys – This is perfect for all of the little builders! The set has 6 eggs with different shape bricks and instructions to build an Airplane, police car, fire truck, helicopter, race car & construction car.

I hope that the above list of 20 Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids helps you come up with ideas to make this Easter extra special. If you purchase from any of the Amazon links above, a small percentage will come back to Celiac Mama with no additional cost to you. Happy Easter!