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About Celiac Mama

Welcome to Celiac Mama, where you’ll find inspiration for gluten free, dairy free meals the entire family will enjoy and lifestyle tips to make every day living easier for families.

Raising a child with celiac disease or food allergies is about so much more than just eating delicious, safe food.

It’s about helping the child develop a positive relationship with food, rather than have negative associations.

It’s about teaching them that they don’t have to live without, because any recipe can be recreated gluten free.

It’s about helping them develop self confidence and a feeling of being empowered rather than victim to their disease.

With this in mind, EVERY recipe on Celiac Mama is kid-friendly and is simple enough that families can make the recipes with their kids.

You can find recipes for any meal, special occasions and holidays. We also cover a range of gluten free living topics like navigating school, tips for the newly diagnosed, a parenting corner, and ways to feel included at holidays and celebrations.

About Jereann Zann

Jereann Zann at a cupcake making demo

I’m the recipe creator, chief dish washer and photographer at Celiac Mama, as well as a national speaker, celiac disease advocate, and most importantly the proud mother of two amazing kids.

I cut my culinary chops in the kitchen with my grandmother who made the most incredible foods I’ve ever tasted. I still remember the heavenly smells coming from the kitchen as a child, and treasure the generations old family recipes we have.

Since discovering that my daughter has celiac disease and a dairy allergy, I have dedicated considerable time to recreating family favorite recipes and creating new ones. All of them are gluten free and dairy free, and many of them have been featured on PBS South Florida.

There is also a collection of recipes that are vegan, grain free, top 8 free and refined sugar free on Celiac Mama.

When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me giving educational seminars on raising confident and healthy gluten free kids, providing cooking demos and spending time with my family. My husband and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with our kids and the greatest smallest dog ever, Gizmo.

Our Story

We were first introduced to the celiac world in September of 2014 when our daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. She was two years old and had suffered from food allergies from the start, most of which turned out to be due to an immature digestive system or due to her damaged intestines which prevented her from properly digesting many foods. However, to this day she still has a dairy allergy….Read More