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Valentine’s Gluten Free Candy List

Be ready for Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s Gluten Free Candy List. 


Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s one of those days that many people show their love and friendship by giving out treats. While non-food gifts are something every child can enjoy, I don’t think the sweet treats tradition is going to be changing anytime soon. So, I find it most helpful to be prepared with a list of Valentine’s gluten free candy in advance.

Being prepared means that I can easily reference the safe candy list when I go through my daughter’s back pack after school. I also like to have extra Valentine’s candy on hand at our house so that we can swap it out when we have to throw the unsafe candy away.

Here is a list of Valentine’s themed gluten free candies that I’ve compiled based on manufacturer’s websites. For a more complete list of candy in general, please see my Gluten Free Candy List post. Most importantly, please remember that labels and ingredients often change, so it’s best to double check the labels and verify with the manufacturers directly.

Valentine’s Gluten Free Candy List

YumEarth: All of YumEarth’s products are organic, gluten free, dairy free, non GMO, vegan, nut free, fish free, soy free and egg free. They have a special line of Valentine’s candies that include gummy hearts and lollipops.

Surf Sweets: Surf Sweets has a ton of gluten free and top 8 free organic candy that my kids like a lot. At Valentine’s Day they have a special line of Fruity Hearts and Heart-Shaped Lollipops.

No Whey Chocolate: No Whey Chocolate is free of the top 8 allergens and it’s gluten free, vegan and kosher. They make some of the cutest holiday themed chocolates I’ve seen and they have a line of Valentine’s Day chocolate that includes truffles and lollipops.

Necco’s Sweethearts Conversation Hearts: These mini hearts that say things like “Be Mine” and “True Love” are a classic Valentine’s treat and they’re gluten free! They’re fun to serve by themselves or as cupcake toppings.

Enjoy Life Foods: Enjoy Life makes yummy top 8 free and certified gluten free individual chocolate bars that can be attached to Valentine’s.

Pascha’s Chocolate: Pascha’s makes organic, certified gluten free and paleo chocolate. We melted it in our candy heart molds and it came out great!

Hershey’s Kisses: Milk Chocolate kisses are gluten free in all foil colors, so the pink and red foils you see at Valentine’s Day are safe. However, be sure to avoid Hershey’s Cupcakes Kisses as those contain wheat. Here is a link to Hershey’s website that lists their gluten free products.

For a more detailed list of candy that’s not specific to Valentine’s Day, head over to my Gluten Free Candy List post.