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Kid-Made Gluten Free Christmas Desserts

How many of you spend countless hours cooking Christmas dinner while your kids play together to stay entertained? This year we decided to let the kids help in the meal preparation by focusing the desserts around them. My little ones experimented with several different recipes over the last week and I’m sharing their 5 favorite ones as inspiration for your family. The result was messy but a lot of FUN! All of the ideas below are simple, festive, gluten free and dairy free, and most importantly made with love by little hands. Even if you are making traditional desserts for the holidays, consider letting them help make some of these kid-friendly recipes too.

 Strawberry Santas


These are so simple to make! Simply cut off the stem of the strawberry so that it is flat, and place it down on a plate with the point facing up. Cut the top of the strawberry off to make the hat and set aside. Fill a plastic bag with your favorite vanilla frosting and cut off the corner of the bag so that your kids can squeeze the frosting onto the strawberry. Add chocolate chips or sesame seeds for eyes, place the top of the strawberry back on top to make the hat. Finish it off by making a little dab of frosting on top of the “hat” and add one or two tiny circles to the bottom half of the strawberry for buttons. So cute!

Chocolate Peppermint Treats


We made these three different ways with two basic ingredients – top 8 free Enjoy Life melted chocolate chips and crushed candy canes (Spanglers are gluten free). The first, and my kids favorite, were the Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cream Cookies. We also made Chocolate Dipped Mini Candy Canes and Chocolate Covered Pretzels which were eaten quickly! You can follow the super simple directions here to make all three.

Watermelon Christmas Trees


Slice the watermelon in thick slices for your kids first. Then give them a Christmas tree cookie cutter or any shape you like and let them make shapes. It makes a healthy dessert that they get extra excited about eating. We don’t have Christmas tree cookie cutters, so instead my daughter traced the shape of a tree with a plastic knife and then I helped her make the big cuts…so team project. The results will be more accurate if you have cookie cutters but we tried and they were still pretty cute!

From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas full of love, laughter, and joy!