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Gluten Free Candy List

Halloween is just around the corner, and while non-food treats are a safe and all-inclusive way to celebrate, you might also want to find some candies that are safe for your child to eat. I had compiled a gluten free candy list from several online resources, but then I found this fabulous graphic from Celiac Disease Foundation which also clearly spells out other allergens in the products and gives manufacturer phone numbers. If you’re anything like our family, you are not only dealing with celiac disease but at least dairy intolerance and maybe other food allergies. Before I share the list, please note that it’s always best to double check the labels and verify with manufacturers directly.

Gluten Free Candy List October 2017 – Celiac Disease Foundation

(Click on the picture below to see full size image if it looks blurry on your mobile device)


Taylor at Gluten Away also put together a list of Gluten Free Candy, which he personally verified with the manufacturers. There are some cross over brands and some additional ones that you might not be aware are gluten free, so I recommend checking out his list too. If you have multiple allergies, you’ll need to call or contact the manufacturer to see if the listed items are also free of other allergens.

I wish you all a Happy & Safe Halloween!