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Dairy & Gluten Free in Legoland Florida – Part 1

dairy & gluten free in legoland florida

Last weekend, our family went to Legoland Florida for the first time and we had a blast! I had heard about how much fun it is from friends, and how amazing the deals are for Florida residents, so we just had to check it out.

Before we made our travel plans, I needed to see if eating dairy & gluten free in Legoland Florida was really an option. I researched the park on their website ahead of time to learn about allergy friendly options. To my delight, the dining page (under maps and explore) has a downloadable dietary guide that details gluten, dairy and allergy friendly options at the park! While I found this super helpful, having gluten free options doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe for celiacs. So, I went one step further and contacted the park for more information about preparation procedures and cross contamination.

dairy free gluten free in legoland

I wrote Legoland Florida twice and received responses from the Food & Beverage Quality & Safety Supervisor within 24 hours both times. The first letter listed the places that had dairy and gluten free options in Legoland Florida, and ended with a genuine concern for us to be comfortable by adding the option for us to bring in a cooler of food if we chose. I so appreciated this because it meant that they really understood and took our medically necessary dietary restrictions seriously. Not only did they detail the options available, but they also showed that they prioritize their customers’ safety over profit by being open to us bringing our own food into the park.

The information Legoland Florida provided was so helpful that I’m going to share the questions and answers I received in detail below.

My daughter has celiac disease which requires a gluten free diet, and she also has a dairy allergy. Can you please let me know of any safe dining options for our family that are dairy & gluten free in Legoland Florida? 

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry about food options at our park. I will give you an idea of what we have to accommodate gluten, and dairy allergies.  This information will cover the specific items carried throughout our park. The hotel carries their own menu items with their own recipes, therefore I cannot answer for there. If you require that information also, let me know and I will forward it to the correct people.

We have options that would accommodate gluten, and dairy allergies:

  • Castle Burger – The burgers can be made without the cheese on a gluten free bun, French fries, and grilled chicken salads available.
  • Panini – Offers grilled sandwiches and green salads, any of which can be prepared without cheese. They have ham, roast beef and chicken Florentine Paninis prepared on gluten free bread upon request.
  • Market Restaurant – Offers a variety of cold sandwiches and salads, any of which can be prepared without the cheese on the gluten free bread upon request. They also have fruit cups, and Lay’s brand chips.
  • Burger Kitchen – Offers burgers which can be prepared without cheese and sauce, placed on the gluten free bun upon request. They, too, have French fries.
  • Fried Chicken Co – has French fries and grilled chicken salad.
  • Beach and Brick (in the waterpark) – has gluten-free buns available for the burgers they sell, French fries, and grilled chicken salads.


  • Apple Fries – Granny’s (without the whipped cream)
  • Slushies – Dino Treats and Fun Town Slush
  • Popcorn and Ice Pops – Traffic Cart and Market Cart

We would love for you to be able to enjoy all aspects of the park. But if you would feel safer, you would be able to bring a small, soft sided cooler or bag into the park, without any glass containers, to be confident of an allergen free meal. If you choose to dine with us, I would recommend that you let the team member know of all allergies/sensitivities prior to ordering. They can get a member of management involved and they can assist at the unit in the preparation of your meal. Each location also has an Allergen Binder with all ingredients listed to help your choose the best option for you and your family.

legoland florida map

Are the fries prepared in a fryer that is not shared with gluten items or dairy items (i.e. chicken fingers or onion rings)?

Answer: The Fries fryers are dedicated for those items only.  We have separate fryers for protein products (chicken, fish, etc)

Are any items containing gluten cooked on the same surface as the burgers in the restaurants that offer gluten free buns? Or could they be prepared in a separate clean pan?  

Answer: Although there is always a possibility of cross contamination, when we have an Allergen order, the units prepare it with an individual preparation kit where the cutting board, knife, and container have been stored separately from the usual kitchenwares.  We do make every effort to protect our guests.
We do try to avoid cross-contamination as much as possible, but because we tend to have areas that have a lot of variety, the potential is there. My suggestion would be, on the day of your visit, to enlist the help of members of leadership in the areas at which you may be interested in dining.  They will have packaging available to reference, if necessary, and can assist with ensuring proper precautions are taken in the preparation of any dishes.

SPOILER ALERT: We had a wonderful time and had no issues eating safe food that was dairy & gluten free in Legoland Florida. We spoke to the staff at each restaurant prior to ordering. In all instances, the dining staff was very attentive and careful, changing gloves, cutting boards and knives when necessary. I’ll write about our dining and attraction adventures in my next blog about Legoland Florida, so stay tuned!