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Strawberry Banana Almond Smoothie

This Strawberry Banana Almond Smoothie is our new favorite smoothie!


I love smoothies for so many reasons. First of all, they’re delicious and so satisfying when they have the right ingredients in them. Second, they are a great way to sneak in extra vitamins and proteins at meals or in between them, and let’s not forget how easy they are to make! As a working mom of two that’s constantly on the go, the simple and fast factor is a big one for me and I know many of you can relate!

As is the case with most of my recipes, I created the Strawberry Banana Almond Smoothie while experimenting in the kitchen with whatever ingredients we had on hand at the time. It contains four ingredients – bananas, strawberries, Barney Butter smooth almond butter and unsweetened almond milk – and no added sugar. The bananas and strawberries combine to give an antioxidant rich natural sweetness, the Barney Butter almond butter gives it a rich protein-fueled creaminess, and the almond milk kicks the protein up another notch. What results is a smoothie that is energizing and totally satisfies hunger cravings – what more could you ask for!

You and your kids will love it and you’ll feel like you’re getting an A+ in parenting when you feed your kids this healthy “treat.” You can make it with fresh fruit or frozen fruit, but we prefer the extra refreshing ice cold taste of frozen fruit after exercising or playing outside.


Strawberry Banana Almond Smoothie


This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, grain free and refined sugar free. It is paleo and vegan friendly. It makes one adult serving, or two kids servings. Multiply the recipe as needed to serve more people.


  1. 1/2 cup frozen sliced bananas
  2. 6 frozen strawberries
  3. 1.5 tablespoons of Barney Butter Bare Smooth Almond Butter
  4. 1 cup original almond milk


  1. Add the ingredients to your blender and mix on high for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Pour into glasses and enjoy!


  • All my favorite things blended together!! I’d toss in some protein powder and make it a post workout shake!

  • Alisa Fleming

    This is seriously just like one of my favorite smoothies too! I often add a little cinnamon – just because šŸ™‚

  • kortneykh

    I haven’t has a fruity smoothie in ages since I discovered I love green smoothies. I may need to change that soon šŸ˜€

  • Girl! that photo makes it look so goooood. The instructions and ingredients seem so easy too I should try this

  • Nicol Daley Cunningham

    Looks great. Great alternative to ice cream or sherbet.

  • I love smoothies too! This one looks SO good.

  • April Kitchens

    Yummy! I love a good smoothie, I’m drinking one right now. Strawberry banana is my fave combo, I’ll add almond butter next time.

  • Erin Nicole Brooks

    What an easy treat in the morning for the kids! I definitely need to try, they’d love this!