Gluten Free Halloween Party Snacks

I had so much fun making these gluten free Halloween Treats that are celiac safe and allergy friendly. If you’re hosting a pre-trick or treating party or going to one, make all or some of these and they’ll be a hit! We had some kids over yesterday to test them out, and they really enjoyed them. Best of all, they’re really simple to make.

Gluten Free Halloween Snacks:


  1. Bananas
  2. Clementines
  3. Organic green grapes
  4. Organic Celery
  5. Gluten and dairy free mini chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life)
  6. Gluten free marshmallows
  7. Gluten and dairy free bread
  8. Gluten free almond butter (I used Barney Butter)
  9. Gluten free jelly (choose your kids favorite flavor, we like strawberry)
  10. Gluten free pretzel sticks (I used Snyder’s)



1. Banana ghosts – peel the bananas and cut in half. Use mini chocolate chips for eyes.

2. Clementine pumpkins – peel the 🍊and use a small slice of celery as the stem.

3. Frankenstein cups – fill a clear cup with organic green grapes. Add two marshmallow eyeballs (marshmallows cut in half with a mini chocolate chip). Draw any face details you want to add on the cup.

4. Spider sandwiches – use a cup or cookie cutter to make two circles of GF bread. Cover one side with jelly and the other with almond butter. Add 8 GF pretzel sticks to the side with almond butter so it sticks and put the jelly piece on top. Add two mini chocolate chips for eyes.

5. Eat them up while you can because they’ll go fast!